Roofing FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

General Questions:

What can I do to get the maximum life out of my roof?

  • Keep drains clear
  • Keep debris from your roof
  • Call your roofing contractor if you have units or equipment serviced, added or removed from your roof
  • Make sure any damage is repaired immediately, even if not leaking
  • Have your roofing contractor inspect your roof bi-annually

Why maintenance?

Usually no one pays attention to his or her roof until there is a problem. A well designed and installed roof, if properly maintained, could last greater than 25-years. Whereas a poorly designed and improperly installed roof, with little or no proper maintenance is the largest cause of roof failure. Facts show that these roofs only last ½ of their anticipated service span.

What should I do in the case of an emergency leak?

On a built-up roof, a can of flashing cement will do wonders. On a single-ply roof system duct tape and urethane caulk may close off a hole. For all emergencies, it is best to contact Mid-Ark Roofing at 501-562-7148  to keep damage and repairs minimal.

If a manufacturer warranties my roof, can I make my own repairs or have my HVAC contractor flash a unit?

No! For the entire length of the warranty the manufacturer is responsible to keep the roof watertight. Call Mid-Ark Roofing at 501-562-7148 for repairs or modifications to rooftop equipment.

How can I protect the roof from other trades and foot traffic?

By installing protection mats or a concrete paver system for high traffic areas (chillers, ventilation, cleaners etc.) Call Mid-Ark Roofing to install protective pathways for rooftop foot traffic.

What is the best roofing warranty?

A warranty issued by a manufacturer who has the roofing experience to match the longevity of the warranty. All Mid-Ark Roofing manufacturers have recognized experience and an excellent reputation in the roofing industry. Mid-Ark Roofing is a certified contractor for numerous manufacturers and offers a full manufacturer’s warranty on all of our products.

How many years is a typical manufacturer’s guarantee

The minimum is 10 to 20 years. Mid-Ark Roofing has some roofing systems that are guaranteed for 30 years. Ask us about the best product to suit your roof by calling 501-562-7148.

Hiring A Roofing Contractor:

What do I look for in a quality-roofing contractor?

  • Confirm that the roofer has years of uninterrupted service under the same trade name
  • Visit the office and yard to see the equipment and personnel
  • Ask for a list of corporate referrals
  • Ask for a list of manufacturers and qualifications for installation

Can I request an insurance certificate from the roofing

Yes! Make sure that you are listed as the insured and receive the insurance certificate directly from the insurance company. Mid-Ark Roofing is bonded and fully insured to protect you from any liability during the installation and/or repair process.

What kind of insurance certificate must a roofer carry?

Liability, Workman’s Comp and Automobile Insurance. For liability insurance, check for the effective date and consider your needs when reviewing coverage minimums. Mid-Ark Roofing is insured and has historically obtained any amount of insurance needed.

Should roofing contractors be bonded?

Yes. However bonding is not needed for small re-roofing projects provided that you can verify the credentials of the roofing contractor. If this is not possible, request that a performance and payment bond be issued/mailed directly to you.

What are building code requirements?

Always make sure the roofing contractor gets a building permit from the local building department. Make sure that your contract stipulates that all work will be performed according to all local and state fire codes. Mid-Ark Roofing always takes care of this as part of our contract.


What are re-roofing costs without tear off?

Depending on complexity and the type of roofing material, the cost to re-roof can range from $2 – $7 per square foot.

What are re-roofing costs with a tear off?

Add $2 – $3 per square foot.

How often should a roof be inspected for deficiencies?

New and old roofs should be inspected bi-annually for deficiencies, once in the spring and once before winter. This will assist in eliminating deficiencies and assure all drains are free of debris. Mid-Ark Roofing offers preventive maintenance services.


What is the best drainage system that I can design?

Interior drains are always better than exterior because interior drains can be heated and not subject to freeze-ups during the winter. Mid-Ark Roofing’s in-house sheet metal shop can design and install drains that best fit your roof.

Are roof scuppers an effective way to drain a roof?

Roof scuppers are very effective if the roof has sufficient pitch to bring the water to the scuppers, if the scuppers are properly sized and if the scuppers have overflow provisions.

Can a roof collapse if drains are clogged?

If the roof has a parapet wall that extends above the roofline where the water cannot escape over the gravel stop (i.e. metal edging), the water can put additional weight and pressure on a roof forcing it to deteriorate or collapse. Check your drains bi-annually (minimum) to prevent clogs from damaging your roof. Mid-Ark Roofing offers preventive maintenance services.

Design & Maintenance:

Are pitched roofs better than flat?

Yes, but a flat roof may be effective for your particular building if the proper roof system and materials have been chosen. A preventive maintenance program will reduce drainage problems inherent in flat roofs.

Should roof exits be in or outside?

Access through an interior roof hatch is always preferred over the use of ladders from the outside.

Are skylights an effective way of bringing in daylight?

Yes, providing the skylights are properly placed and protected from the outside so that no one can fall through them. Mid-Ark Roofing is experienced with roofs that include skylights to ensure that no leakage at the point of contact occurs. Regular preventive maintenance is necessary to maintain the integrity of the seal. Daylighting is a specialized type of skylighting that maximizes natural light while reducing lighting and air conditioning costs.

Are light color or white roofs better than black?

Light or white colored roofs are usually 20-30 degrees cooler, which in turn reduces the stress of expansion and contraction. In many cases this can lengthen the life expectancy of the roof surface.

How many different single-ply membranes are on the market?

There are four different single-ply systems on the market: PVC, TPO (both considered to be a plastic type membrane), EPDM (a rubberized material) and modified bitumen material consisting of asphalt and polyester reinforcing scrim.

Which roofing system is the longest lasting?

A 3-ply built-up with a granulated cap. Multiple layers provide the absolute best coverage and longest lasting construction.

How much ridged insulation should I have on my roof?

Depends on how much R-value you are trying to achieve.

Over how many roofs can I install another layer of roofing material?

No more than two roof systems before a tear-off is required.

What is the life expectancy of a metal roof?

In most cases 30 years if properly maintained. A Mid-Ark Roofing maintenance program is available to meet those needs.

When is it time to stop repairs and install a new roof?

When the cost of repairs climbs higher and higher, the frequency of tenant complaints becomes unbearable and there is damage to the interior.

What can be done to lengthen the life expectancy of my roof?

Routine maintenance and application of reflective coatings. Mid-Ark Roofing can help you choose what is best for your roof.

Can I roof over wet insulation

Never roof over wet insulation. Areas of wet insulation can be found using infrared technology, eliminating the unnecessary cost of removing the entire roof surface. Mid-Ark roofing uses infrared scanning to detect wet insulation and leaky roofs.